Why Thrive?

Why Thrive?

The start of our new blog site is an exciting time for us and a great place for us to share what we are all about.

To thrive in life we all need to find the right balance and to achieve that, it is important to take a 360 approach.

A 360 approach for us means taking a holistic look at life and ourselves.  How we look after ourselves physically with exercise, nutritionally with a healthy diet and mentally – how we nurture ourselves psychologically.

Exercise is important and to find something or different things to do that you enjoy, is the key.  We don’t all like spending an hour in the gym and that isn’t the only way to keep fit.  Getting out for a walk, gardening, cycling – whatever it is that you will enjoy, find a way to incorporate it into your days and weeks.  A sedentary life style is what takes us down the slippery slope to ill-health.  So get up and move, make sure you get your steps in everyday. What ever age you are, do what you can and what you enjoy.

A healthy diet is one where you can eat yummy nutritious food and achieve your ideal weight.   With the right diet and keeping things in balance, you won’t have to go on a ‘diet’ to achieve your optimum weight.  And when you know how to balance your food with the right things, your energy levels can soar and you can build up your reserves and resilience to be able to deal with the challenges in life.

Keeping yourself mentally healthy is a key foundation stone.  Without that our approach to life can end up in a dark place.  Without sound mental health, the choices we make can be brought into question.  Your brain’s job is to keep you safe and happy, so if things aren’t going so well, instructions fire around your brain for you to do something to make you feel better. A lot of the time that sends us into a low mood, inappropriate behavior or reaching for a bar of chocolate, bag of chips, glass of wine or a beer – whatever will help improve how you feel.  It is fine to have all those things – but in moderation. If you find yourself reaching for them automatically, it may be time to consider the reasons and what else you can do to shift your happiness level up a notch.

To get the happiness factor in your life, you need to balance your Essential Needs©.  These are the emotional needs we all have and need to be satisfied with. If more than two or three tip into levels of dis-satisfaction, that is when we start to feel unhappy and when things aren’t quite right.  We can start feeling a bit stressed and then, if we don’t do something to sort it all out, we can tumble into depression. (We have an explanation of Essential Needs© on our Thrive in Life 360 site in the About Us section).

Our mental wellbeing is the foundation of how we approach life.  Mental ill-health is a serious issue, and in the fast paced 24/7 culture that most of us live in, it is something that is on the increase.

Thrive in Life 360 is all about helping you to tackle the things that might be challenging; to help you with the things you want to improve on, the things you want to flourish in and therefore how to boost your happiness and the enjoyment you get out of life.

Life is all about Thriving and Thrive in Life 360 is here to share the journey with you.

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Have a great day

Janice – Life Balance Coach in Buckinghamshire

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