What on earth is that smell!

What on earth is that smell!

Imagine my horror when I realised it was me! Dear god!

Yes me, and what a stink!!

My fever kicked off again over the last couple of weeks. I thought that was bad enough, but now to smell worse than a skunk or something from the bottom of the black lagoon!!

House bound?

Clearly that level of stink, or any stink for that matter, wasn’t something that could continue. So rather than being house bound for the rest of my days, my research on Lyme Disease went in a whole new direction.

To smell or not to smell ….

Did you know that ‘sweat’ doesn’t actually smell? I didn’t realise that. Apparently it isn’t the sweat that smells but the bacteria on your skin, that causes the smell.

The bacteria can be caused from lots of things. Ever had a hot curry and felt like you smelt of it for a day or two after? Well that’s what happens.

The start of a list

There are lots of things that can cause the bacteria that can create the smell. Here are a few things:

  • Chemicals and toxins in your system.
  • Strong smelling or spicy foods can seep through your pores when you begin to sweat.
  • Red meat, if not digested properly, releases toxins in to your blood stream and is one of the main cause of body odour.
  • Deficiency in zinc and magnesium.
  • Anti-depressants and painkillers.

Who would have thought – the things that are meant to make you feel better can end up making you stink!

Top tips

In researching what to do about it (apart from the obvious of cutting out all of the above!), I have discovered some things that can help:

  • Take chlorophyll as a daily supplement. It acts as an internal cleansing aid, which will help to detox your system and deodorise.
  • Take a probiotic. A dose of daily ‘good bacteria’ will help your gut health, which in turn will help eliminate bad breath and body odour.
  • Chose your deodorant carefully as most are full of chemicals. Go for something more natural. You can even try a lemon or lime cut in half and use it like a roll on. Apparently it kills the bacteria.

Fresh as a daisy again!

I don’t take anti-depressants but stopped taking my painkillers. Not all medication makes the stinky list, but mine did.

After just a few days the smell has gone! How brilliant is that!

I am still looking at further improvements for my immune system, so have started taking Chlorophyll on top of the zinc, magnesium, probiotics and other supplements I already take. I don’t eat meat anyway and intend to keep with the garlic and turmeric, as I need them for my immune system. So let’s see what happens from here.

An experiment

Obviously coming off meds has meant my pain level is up through the roof, so now I am looking into what else could be causing it. I don’t like taking meds all the time, but had increased over the last few weeks because of an increase in pain, so there must be something I am eating or doing that is causing it to increase.

I have started experimenting on myself to find the cause, and I think I am on to something, so will let you know next week!

Have a great week.

Love, be kind, be happy and be well.


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