The Essential Survival Guide to Christmas!

The Essential Survival Guide to Christmas!

As if putting all the family and alcohol in the same room wasn’t enough, this year Christmas day falls on a full moon. That could make for an explosive mix!

After the rushing around making sure that everything is ready for the holiday season, getting the last pieces of work finished so we can tick things off the ‘to do’ list, with our stress levels up and adrenaline pumping, we find ourselves off work and right in the middle of the festivities.

Christmas is a time in the year when we spend more time with people than we usually do at any other time of year. For some of us that can be a very rewarding experience and for others it can reach a point where we can’t wait for it to end before we want to stick a fork in something (or someone!) other than the turkey!

Let’s not forget:

  • When our stress levels are up we can become less tolerant and more irritable (oops!).
  • When that happens, we tend to notice the things that irritate us the most (not good!).
  • As it’s the holiday season, we indulge in a little festive cheer (alcohol is relaxing, right?)
  • When we relax, so does our ability to hold back (…. slippery slope?)
  • Irritation + no holding back = the potential for a tense atmosphere and arguments (oh dear!)

So how do we keep calm and enjoy the holidays without any explosions?

The attitude we adopt in our day is an indication of our current emotional state. Check in with how you are right now. Don’t let your stress levels, irritation or negativity be the thing causing the atmosphere in the first place. Yes, it could be you and not everyone else!

Don’t project your feelings onto others.  Don’t Blame, Complain, Grill, Say Nothing, or Say ‘what you don’t want!

Remember when you stop rushing around, your adrenaline will crash, and so will your defenses and your immune system.

Keep yourself in a good place. Pack in the vitamins, eat healthy stuff as well as the naughty things and get yourself out for a walk or a little exercise. Boost your endorphins and get those happy hormones up to counter balance any bugs and negativity.

Be fully present and take responsibility for your actions and how you communicate with people.

Take a positive attitude, be grateful for all the things that you do have and the people you have around you. There are lots of people that would give anything just to have more time with people they have loved. There are lots of people that are lonely or have regrets.

Don’t have regrets. If you need to make some changes, then if it careful and considered thought.

Do what you can to help others and bring joy into people’s lives. Make the most of your time and each day. You never get it back.

Have the best approach you can and have a very happy and merry Christmas filled with love, laughter and fantastic memories.

Best wishes


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