The Darkest Days

The Darkest Days

The last few of months have been incredibly challenging for me and some weeks ago I think reached the lowest point of my entire life. My pain level went off the scale and as a consequence of that the blackness engulfed me.

That is a difficult thing to voice, but in all I was going through, it occurred to me that there were people out there in more pain than me, worse off and in an even lower mood, so I wanted to share this in the hope that it will help even just one person.

A dark place

If you are out there and feel that you can’t deal with the pain or difficulty of things anymore – hang on. Keep going and keep looking for help and support. The solutions are out there. We just might not be able to see them yet. When the darkness surrounds you, look deep inside and find the spark of light inside you. No matter how small, your life light is there. Focus on it and hold on to it. Visualise it getting bigger and brighter each day if you can, but just keep holding on to that light and you will find your way out of the darkness that has engulfed you.

No matter how you feel, lighter and brighter days are ahead. I know you won’t be able to see that when you are in the depths of the dark, but believe me – it will get better. It might take a while, but it will ease. Think of the people in your life that love you. Try to do something in the day that you used to enjoy. I know that isn’t easy but try to find something that will spark some memory of happiness in you. Get a hug from someone that loves you. Talk to someone. Think about what you are going to do when you beat whatever is pulling you down right now.

Remember you are so much more than how you might be feeling right now.

And for those of you that know someone that has dropped in to the depths of the darkness and depression. Keep helping. I know it isn’t easy, but the person you love is still in there no matter how hard it is to reach them. Keep trying. Try to get them to go for a walk. Exercise is the very best thing to help raise someone’s mood. Give them all the support you can.

The depths of darkness
Depression changes us to the extent where we can’t see the joy or possibilities of things ever being any different. We can’t explain it and don’t want to do anything positive. We are lost in the depths of the darkness and don’t know how to find our way out. It is like dropping to the bottom of the deepest well with no idea how to get out of it.

But there will always be a way out. With the support of others that love us, we can all make our way out of the darkness and find the light again.

2 years in
I am 2 years into Lyme Disease and over a year since my diagnosis. Every day is a challenge with constant pain and fatigue, but I found my way out of my dark place and have spent the last weeks picking myself back up again.

In my darkest days I spent two weeks feeling like I was being electrocuted up through my feet, legs and arms. It was excruciatingly painful, and I reached a point of honestly not knowing how I could possibly wake up to another day of such agony. It wasn’t easy, but I held on and I continue to wake up each day and deal with the pain and fatigue.

Lack of B12 or nerve damage can cause that electricity feeling and also too much B6. A few weeks before I had been told to add it to my supplements. I was well within the acceptable range with what I was taking, but it was clearly too much for my system. So I worked out it might be that, stopped taking it and after a couple more weeks, got my pain level back under control.

There is always a reason for everything. We just need to find a way to keep learning and keep moving forward.

We all experience difficult times. It is those times that can serve to give us an appreciation of the good times.

We all have dark days.
In your darkest days, hold on to the light and things will get brighter and better.

I’m relieved to say my darkest days are over.

And I hope they will be for others too.

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