Why Learning means Changing!

Why Learning means Changing!

I have some good news and some not so good news.

The good news is that I have been retested for the pesky parasites that triggered off my Lyme Disease, and they have gone! Yippee! Now I can concentrate on progressing further with my gut health as that seems to be a major component in my journey back to health.

The not so good news

I haven’t written a blog for a couple of weeks as wiped myself out again. Yes again!

Having declared in my last blog that I realised I had to take my physical and mental health forward simultaneously, it seems that I completely ignored myself!

It took me a couple of weeks to properly recover from the birthday outing of 3000 steps. As I improved physically, I also got myself out of the brain fog and back to being able to concentrate for an hour and a half.

Behaving like a well person!

Feeling very pleased with myself for having got back to such a stellar performance, I decided it would be a great idea to attempt a client meeting.

Apparently not such a great idea! Whilst I was fine during the meeting, concentrating for 3 hours in one go sent me spiraling backwards again. Not only did I end up with massive migraine headaches, but my physical pain went through the roof and my energy ended up in the basement.

As a result, I have barely been able to do anything at all for the last week.

There is learning in everything …..

The tricky thing with that, is we actually have to do something with the realisation! When we learn something, that actually means consciously making an effort to change.

Yes change! Who would have thought. An outrageous concept, but learning actually means consciously changing and not allowing your brain to slip back in to old habits.

My desire to be well and working again takes over sometimes. So I am now having to be really strict with myself. My plan is that if I do that, it will actually help me to get better, faster.

My learning

I am tracking everything I do, every day. I record how many steps I do, how much sleep I get and the quality of it. How much time I spend concentrating on something. How long I meditate for; what I eat and drink; what my pain level is, my mood, my PH level and my blood pressure.

My foundation

In all of that tracking and the learning I have from it over the previous months, I have set my new foundation:

On a bad day, I need to do 900 steps and use my brain for 45 minutes. If I don’t, I deteriorate further.

On a good day, I can do 1500 steps and can use my brain for up to 2 hours.

On every day, I need to get enough relaxation in and to meditate for at least 45 minutes, as if I don’t, the quality of my sleep deteriorates and my physical pain and headaches go up. I wake up between 4 and 10 times a night as it is, so can’t afford for that to deteriorate further as sleep has such a massive impact on health.

As I go through every week, I am going to target myself to increase by 50 steps and 5 minutes mental activity on a bad day, and by 100 steps and 10 minutes mental activity on a good day.  I will let you know how that goes!

Foundations are great things …..

As are goals in bite sized chunks and not trying to run before I can walk!

Every day I focus on what I have achieved, not all the things I haven’t been able to do.

Goals, no matter how small, are what take us forward in life.

It is so important that we never stop learning.


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