Why chickpeas are no longer my friend!

Why chickpeas are no longer my friend!

Chickpeas. Who would have thought we would fall out after such a long and happy relationship!

I am not a person that suffers from wind so the involuntary and prolonged noise as I walked away from my dining table, stopped me in my tracks! I back tracked a couple of times to make sure the floorboards hadn’t suddenly given way to loud noises, but no – definitely wind!

My diet is healthy, but as part of my plan to find my way out of Lyme and my autoimmune problems, I have been considering different types of diet and food. One thing I have been looking into is my PH level. The PH scale runs from 0 to 14, with 7 being neutral. Anything below that is acidic and over 7 is alkaline. Our bodies work best in an alkaline environment. If your system is more acidic (Acidosis), it means your kidneys and lungs are not able to excrete all the acid and keep your PH level in check. My PH level is currently way below 7, so my system is acidic.

Wind in the Willows
I could write a whole blog on PH levels, and including this information here makes this blog a little long, but bear with me as I hope it will be helpful to many of you. Basically if you have an issue with bloating, gas / wind or belching, chances are you have an acidic system too.

That means your digestive system isn’t able to function properly and food is putrefying in your gut – yuk! And the yuk doesn’t stop there! If you are highly acidic you have Acidosis which leads to premature aging, lack of energy, weight problems, gum disease, muscle and joint pain and many other nasty things.

Time to alkalise
I am simplifying this, but basically proteins are acidic. We need protein for proper growth and body functioning, but too much creates more acid than we can cope with. Beans are protein but also contain a carbohydrate that is difficult to digest, so they pass through the intestines not fully broken down, and there it ferments. It is the fermentation and poor digestion in an acidic system that causes the wind. I clearly can’t cope with chickpeas at the moment!

After research, here are my 7 top food tips for dealing with acidosis:

  1. A glass of fresh celery juice first thing in the morning. Wait 30 minutes before having anything else. (I put a stalk of celery with some water in my nutribullet and whiz it up – simplicity in itself).
  2. Freshly squeezed lemon juice in water, to help alkalise and support your liver to get rid of toxins. (Things like lemons, limes and tomatoes have an alkalizing effect when in your system).
  3. Cut back on acidic foods – the strongest ones are found in animal proteins, alcohol, caffeine, processed foods and sugar. Weaker ones are things like cheese and vegetable proteins such as beans, lentils and the offending chickpeas!!! (These things are normally ok unless you are very acidic).
  4. Increase alkaline foods – most vegetables, many fruits, cold-pressed oils, some grains (I avoid gluten) and herbs are all great.
  5. Go for a 2:1 ratio of alkaline/acidic food. (I’m going to consider going for a 4:1 ratio as need desperate measures! but I need to research a few other things first)
  6. Chew your food well. It starts the creation of enzymes you need for digestion. Eating when stressed or on the go impacts on the digestive system negatively so find your calm place!
  7. Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated and flush the toxins out. Don’t drink when you eat though as it can flush through the good bacteria that you need for digestion.

You can buy PH testing strips in most chemists or from places like Amazon, so worth finding out what your system is doing. If you want to read further on PH levels, a great book I would recommend is The Alkaline Cure by Dr Stephan Domenig.

Lyme loves acid
It turns out Lyme loves an acidic environment, as do other parasites and pathogens and further impact on acidity levels. Acidosis isn’t just caused from what food and drink we put in to our system though. Stress, poor sleep, pollution and over exercising are also contributing factors.

A few zzzzzz’s
Lyme disease causes disrupted sleep, a range of co-infections and countless other toxins, so that is all impacting and contributing to my acidity levels.

I know all the techniques for getting to sleep and put them into practice. The difficulty I have, is I wake up anything between 4 and 10 times a night as I have severe headaches, my pain level goes up, my legs and arms feel like they are burning and I go numb. Many people with Lyme experience the same thing.

Over exercising – as if!
One thing you won’t catch me doing is over exercising! Mostly because a lot of the time I can’t even walk properly. I tried to find my platform for exercise last Saturday morning by swimming 2 lengths and sitting in the sauna for 10 minutes. That left me in agony and has resulted in me having to write this week off and do virtually nothing in order to recover.

Clearly swimming 2 lengths is not my platform. Right now I don’t think I could even do a full circuit around the jacuzzi, so I will continue with tracking my steps instead.

More pieces of the puzzle.
I get results of more tests today so the week ahead for me will be to get to grips with those.

I am not sure how else the week will pan out but one thing I do know for sure is that I won’t be eating any chickpeas!

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