If you can’t stand the heat ……

If you can’t stand the heat ……

I think the usual answer to that is ‘get out of the kitchen’.  For me though, not being able to stand the heat has taken on a whole new meaning.

I haven’t written a blog for a few weeks (apologies and also thanks to those of you that have got in touch asking where it is and if I am ok!). I have been in a particularly bad patch with the pain and burning in my legs and arms so have been concentrating on researching what I can do to improve it.

Living with pain

Many people with autoimmune problems experience this. It is unbelievably painful and constant. For me it has felt like being burnt at the stake! (a figure of speech obviously!). There is no let up. It might ease off a little for a while before it comes back with full force, but it is always a constant.

For me, there has to be something that can be done about this level of debilitation.

A pathway out?

The first steps on the pathway out have to be about managing the pain – or rather managing oneself with pain.

My recommendation for that is finding things that serve as a distraction. Make other things the primary focus and then the pain becomes secondary. Be mindful and fully present with whatever you are doing.

The way I am tackling it is by increasing my meditation, the time I spend on creative things like drawing and painting. I have even managed a little time in the garden. When my brain works, I have been writing and researching why this is happening in my body and how I can make positive changes. Which leads me on to the next steps on the path.

A burning issue

The ‘burning’ and pain can be a sign of damage on the Central Nervous System and things such as inflammation. The important thing I have found out is that most people with neurological problems, body pain, stroke, depression, fibromyalgia etc, also have abnormal sleep patterns.

When in deep sleep, our body repairs and regenerates. For a normal, healthy sleep pattern, we need vitamin B. For vitamin B production, we need vitamin D and a healthy gut. Research shows that a lack of quality, regenerative sleep therefore means there is generally a lack of vitamin D and B in the system.

Lack of these vitamins means lack of quality sleep and therefore lack of healing and repair in the body and therefore health issues!

We need better sleep people!

I supplement vitamin D and B but am still in high levels of pain and burning. So I have increased my doses. You can over do vitamin B so I am being careful, but, hey presto – after a few days, a slight improvement! Only slight, but as I hadn’t changed anything else in my diet or what I have been doing, I figured out I am on to something here! An encouraging change so I am going to continue to concentrate on my food, supplements and my 360 approach and I am going to keep taking steps on my path out of this awful disease.

If you are experiencing difficulties, consider your sleep patterns, diet and vitamins. See a health practitioner to work out what your body might be missing. Small changes can make all the difference.

Be well


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