How to Boost Your Mental Health

How to Boost Your Mental Health

It’s easy to notice the state of your physical health, but it can be harder to pay attention to your mental health and wellbeing. Follow the tips in our video to help improve yours.


We invest time in our physical health but how much do you invest in your mental health and wellbeing?

We often just expect our brain to deal with whatever comes our way. Handling the pressure and stress of the day as we chart our way through life.

When the pressure becomes too much, or if life is not in balance our happiness levels drop and the doors to stress and depression can open. Mental ill-health is one of the biggest causes of sickness absence.  1 in 4 people in the UK will experience mental health problems each year.

Physical ill-health can also impact negatively on our mental health. To boost your mental wellbeing, find ways to help you switch off.

Relaxation, meditation, mindfulness, creativity, hobbies, yoga and exercise all help to take your mind off the pressures of the day and keep the balance right.

Make time for ‘down time’, spend time with friends and family, keep work and life in balance.

Laugh often, love deeply.

The key to happiness is to achieve a balance of: Physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Your brain and your body need to work in harmony. Pay attention to both.

Nuture yourself and boost your mental wellbeing.


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How To Boost Your Mental Health from ThriveinLife360 on Vimeo.

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