5 Essentials to avoid the Christmas lurgy!

5 Essentials to avoid the Christmas lurgy!

We all seem to be super busy with ‘to do’ lists on a day-to-day basis anyway and then Christmas comes hurtling towards us like an express train and we add even more things to the list.

Presents to buy, food to organise, wine to select, who is visiting who on what days, cards to write, presents to wrap. Let’s face it – even if we don’t have a huge family or go overboard there are still extra things added to the list.

With all that needing to be done by an immoveable date, our adrenaline soars, our motivation is up, we are out of the starting blocks and we do our best to get everything done.

That can take its toll on us physically and mentally. Then when we get to the holidays and take some well deserved time off, our adrenaline calms down and…that’s when we realise our immune system has taken a bashing and we get ill.

It can happen to the best of us, so let’s avoid that this year by boosting yourself up so you get to enjoy the time off rather than nursing the dreaded lurgy!

  1. To cope with the extra pressure, boost your endorphin levels – your body’s natural happy hormone that will counter balance any negatives whizzing around in your system. The best way to do this is to get a little exercise. What?! I hear you say, how can you possibly fit that in? Trust me, it’s essential. You don’t have to do an hour in the gym, get out for a walk. The fresh air will do you good too!
  2. Balance your diet with healthy stuff and lots of green leafy veg. Things like spinach are packed with vitamin B, which your body needs for dealing with the pressure.
  3. Boost your vitamin C intake. This will help your immune system in preparation for the adrenaline crash. You can supplement other vitamins too. Remember, if you are on medication, check with your health advisor as to what supplements might be good for you.
  4. Get plenty of sleep. Burning the candle at both ends will deplete you so when you aren’t out partying make sure you are getting enough rest and relaxation.
  5. Keep your alcohol levels in check. Your body uses essential nutrients like vitamin B, to get the toxins out of your system so you end up depleting yourself. The good news is, latest research from Reading University shows a glass of champagne is good for you. It doesn’t mean downing a whole bottle, but even the suggestion that champagne can help boost your memory is great news! (well it is to me anyway!)

And if you are wondering how you are going to get through the holidays spending lots of time with people you don’t normally have to be around that often – fear not! Your survival guide will be in the next blog so sign up on the blog website (www.thriveinlifeblog.com) and we will notify you so you don’t miss it!


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